About Saber

Saber is comprised of an experienced team of real estate professionals with backgrounds in ground up development, private equity, structured finance, workouts and development.


With a track record of over 30 years dating back to its predecessor McCann Development, Saber has completed over $1.5 Billion of developments and acquisitions to date. Saber is led by two seasoned real estate professionals: Martin Berger of McCann Development (33 years of experience) and Michael Klinger formerly of The Blackstone Group and The Related Companies (23 years of experience).


Saber’s primary business is to identify attractive development opportunities in AAA locations and to pre-lease them to credit tenants providing superior risk-adjusted returns with 300+ basis spreads between yield on cost and market cap rates. Saber’s modus operandi is to secure prime retail and mixed-use sites, and manage the permitting and approval processes. We mitigate development risks by pre-leasing and by obtaining third-party contractor payments and completion bonds before commencing construction.


Saber, through its decades of building successful tenant relationships combined with its unblemished track record and reputation, has superior access to off market opportunities. Moreover, Saber’s in-house asset management, development repositioning, legal and accounting expertise allows it to maximize value and performance.



At Saber, we are sensitive to the impact development can have on the environment and the surrounding community. We make every effort to ensure our internal policies and external procedures all are in line with our company’s commitment to sustainable development, and we have achieved some of the most rigorous sustainable building goals. We take great pride in knowing our sustainable practices are helping reduce the effects on the environment for generations to come.


Our designs and construction practices are carefully executed to achieve sustainability and resiliency. Our projects are designed in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). We take the extra time and absorb the added expense to recycle building materials and reuse materials such as steel, brick and concrete in new construction whenever feasible. This also avoids the need for thousands of truckloads of import, thus reducing congestion on local roads and harmful emissions into the environment.


In addition to preserving the physical elements on a site, we also believe in preserving the historic significance of a site, where appropriate. We work closely with historians to maintain the integrity of properties and respect their celebrated pasts by restoring historic structures and incorporating unique architectural elements into new designs.

For Saber, sustainable development is smart development – environmentally sensitive, community-minded and economically viable.



We do not just build buildings, we create foundations for thriving communities. A diverse team of talented and creative people is essential to our mission and our continued success. At Saber, diversity and inclusion are top priorities, both within our workplace and on our construction and project sites. More than 40 percent of our talented team is comprised of Hispanic and African-American individuals.


Our commitment follows through to our job sites and construction activities, where we constantly seek every opportunity to engage with MBE, WMBE and small, local sub-contractors, and we have contracted for professional services with many women-owned businesses. We also actively participate in internship programs and job fairs to help shape and guide the next generation of industry professionals.


The world is evolving, and we must all be nimble to evolve along with it. At Saber, we will continue our firm commitment to diversity as we progress with our objectives.

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