Saber Real Estate Advisors, LLC® (“Saber”) is comprised of an experienced team of real estate professionals with backgrounds in private equity, structured finance, fixed income, workouts and development. With a track record of over 20 years dating back to its predecessor McCann Development, Saber is led by two seasoned real estate professionals: Martin Berger, head of McCann Development (25 years of experience) and Michael Klinger formerly of The Blackstone Group and The Related Companies (12 years of experience).

Saber has superior access to off market opportunities and extensive relationships with national and local lending institutions. Moreover, Saber’s in-house asset management, development, repositioning, legal and accounting expertise allows it to present solutions to distressed and undervalued assets prior to acquisition.

For banks and financial sponsors, Saber Real Estate Advisors, LLC has a “White Knight” program than can provide creative and attractive solutions for their distressed and nonperforming real estate loans and assets. Saber will acquire non-performing real estate assets at current market values, all cash or through a reinstated loan at appropriate current LTV’s. Saber will provide the necessary new equity, manpower and expertise to allow the project to proceed through completion or implement a value added plan, and a subsequent timely disposition. Saber will also consider entering into participation agreements with the financial institution where each party benefits from Saber’s achievements and a future disposition of the property.

The Saber Advantage

Saber has the ability and experience to quickly evaluate, assemble and entitle land and the skills to analyze development, repositioning and value added opportunities.

Saber has on the ground forces including residential sales and marketing, retail and commercial, property and construction management, site work capabilities as well as land entitlement specialists.

Saber has proven expertise in all asset classes: commercial, residential- high-rises and multifamily, single family track development, industrial, hospitality and land entitlement.

Upon acquisition, Saber can promptly develop plans and specifications for the highest and best use of the property and then develop, reposition or value add accordingly, or sell the once entitled and planned property to the highest payer.

Saber will also invest significant new capital to implement the strategies.